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Flood Removal in San Diego

At Dr. Quick Dry, we offer a variety of emergency flood removal for both residential and commercial properties.

Flood Removal Service

Let’s face it, we never see the need for flood removal coming. It can be from a broken pipe, a crazy storm or an overflowing sink, toilet or bathtub. Either way it doesn’t take much time for water to cause the need for flood removal to your home. If a flood inside your home or business does happen, you’ll need to hire a flood removal expert fast. Quick Dry is San Diego county’s emergency flood removal expert. Our flood removal technicians will arrive at your home equipped with state of the art water extraction and water drying equipment. We will do everything possible to perform emergency flood removal services before mold and mildew sets in.

Flood Removal Near You

Once your home or business has suffered water damage, immediate action is necessary to begin the flood removal process. Our flood removal experts understand the importance of quick action in these situations, so please reach out and speak to us so we can help right away.

  • (619) 235-8111 – Mission Valley Office
  • (858) 481-9318 – Del Mar Office
  • (951) 676-4349 – Temecula

Dr. Quick Dry has helped over 100,000 customers with quick & effective flood removal. We perform flood removal services for a large area including San Diego, Oceanside, Temecula, San Marcos, and Murrieta. Our flood removal experts will assess the flood damage to your property, then provide you with options for the best course of action to get your home back to normal as quickly as possible.

Emergency Flood Removal

For a flood-damaged property, the safety of our customers is our #1 priority. With over 100,000 customers served, our expert technicians are fully equipped to help quickly handle emergency flood removal jobs in residential and commercial properties. Our flood removal experts are certified pros with decades of flood repair experience.

Certified Flood Removal Company

Dr. Quick Dry holds flood removal and contracting certifications. Some certifications include:

We are committed to providing expert flood removal services for all of San Diego. Whatever the situation, Dr. Quick Dry is ready to assist with your flood removal cleaning anytime. Give us a call, and see why we have stayed operational since 1968.

Professional Certifications

IICRC certification
IICRC certification