Dr. Quick Dry Customer Reviews & Testimonials

” Robert, you and your company did a great job. Thanks so much.”

– Susan Lennon (KUSI NEWS)

” I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the terrific job they did. Your staff responded and performed so professionally that any immediate concerns we had were put at ease.”
– Julie E. Pace

” Good service is often hard to find these days. We were lucky to have two very dedicated professionals serving us.”
– Jon Daum


” I truly feel that I was most fortunate to have such a highly skilled, professional, and extremely kind and courteous technicians to repair the flood damages to my home.”
– Irene Hallett


” Thank you again for the prompt response and excellent customer service you provided.”
– Geri Sappington


” Thanks Quick-Dry!!! Great Service, friendly personnel, honest, good communication, Kim’s the best (would recommend pay raise).”
– David Zeluff


” It’s good to do business with honest and nice people.”
– Mrs. Tsuneko Hashiguchi