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Dr. Quick Dry has been providing reliable flood and water damage restoration services across Escondido and the region for more than 60 years. Our experts are available day and night to promptly respond to your needs. Our crew will be at your place in less than an hour from your call and make sure your property is well taken care of. We’ll work swiftly yet thoroughly to restore the affected areas and make your business or home safe again.

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We’re equipped with reliable solutions to handle an array of emergency situations at your property. Just give us a call, describe the situation, and let us take care of the rest. We provide:

  • Flood damage restoration
  • Mold remediation
  • Water damage restoration
  • Water removal

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Our crew consists of certified and skilled experts who possess extensive knowledge and are dedicated to delivering excellent results. We combine tried-and-true methods with cutting-edge technology to provide you with efficient water or flood damage restoration in Escondido, CA. Whether you’re facing a simple problem or a comprehensive plumbing issue, we’ll go the extra mile to resolve it promptly and effectively.

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Located only 20 minutes away from the coast and 30 miles from downtown San Diego, Escondido hosts craft breweries, beautiful wineries, major attractions, unique culture and arts, and exquisite culinary experiences. With a perfect year-round climate, you can enjoy dining, shopping, and exploring this amazing area.

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The authentic downtown historic district features vintage buildings with a range of parks, galleries, and amazing local eateries, but also modern culinary destinations. Visit one of the inspiring museums such as the Mingei International Museum to learn more about the local craft, design, and folk art.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to dry out a house after a flood?

The time it takes to dry a house after flood or water damage can vary depending on the extent of the damage as well as the drying method.

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Typically, it can take several days to a few weeks to completely dry it out. Quick and effective action is essential to prevent mold growth and further damage to your property in Escondido.

Can a wet drywall ceiling be saved?

In most cases, a wet drywall ceiling can be saved if the water damage isn’t severe and the source of it has been fixed promptly.

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However, it’s crucial to act quickly and thoroughly dry the affected area to prevent mold growth and structural damage. The safest solution is to contact your local restoration professionals.

How do you disinfect walls after a flood?

One of the most efficient ways to disinfect the walls of your property in Escondido after flood and water damage is to use a solution of one cup of bleach per gallon of water.

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You should apply this solution to the affected walls with a sponge or sprayer and leave it to air dry. It’s essential to wear protective gear such as gloves and goggles when using bleach and to ensure proper ventilation.

What qualifies as water damage?

Water damage refers to any kind of damage caused to a property by water intrusion or flooding. 

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This can include damage to walls, ceilings, floors, carpets, furniture, and personal belongings. Some common causes of water damage include burst pipes, leaky roofs, floods, storms, and appliance malfunctions.

Who provides comprehensive flood & water damage restoration near me in Escondido & beyond?

Dr. Quick Dry is your reliable ally in providing effective flood and water damage restoration across San Diego. Our crew of seasoned, certified, and diligent professionals uses top-notch equipment to efficiently resolve the issue and get your property back to normal.

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Whether you’re looking for comprehensive flood damage restoration in Campo or detailed water damage repair in Jacumba, we have what it takes to set your mind at ease by thoroughly assessing the situation and providing the best possible solution to make your property functional again. Give us a call!